Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. Dr. Michael Kowalik and his team are standing by to help patients eliminate pain or discomfort and restore the esthetics and function of their smile.

Patients experiencing a dental emergency in Burbank, IL should call our practice at 708-599-3333 right away and schedule the next available appointment. Dr. Michael Kowalik prioritizes patients of record needing immediate assistance to alleviate pain or receive treatments in a timely manner.

Receive Immediate Dental Care in Burbank, IL

The sooner patients receive care for an emergency, the better their chances are for complete recovery. Issues like tooth avulsion, lost fillings or crowns, damage to teeth, or severe pain can be addressed with proper care administered in a timely fashion. We provide services for the following issues:

Tooth pain can be caused by inflammation starting at the root or by other factors. Generally, patients entering our office with decay and infection at the base of the tooth can undergo root canal therapy and restore the health of their smile. A crown restores the structure of the tooth and protects it from reinfection.

A knocked-out tooth can be easily replaced if addressed quickly. Rinse the area of debris and ensure the area is free of any tooth shards. A tooth that has been knocked out clean out should be placed back in its socket or stored in either saliva, milk, or an over-the-counter solution. If the tooth is damaged, we can prepare the area for replacement with a dental implant.

Cracks or chips can be repaired with either crown placement or bonding. While damage can wait until the following day or even following week, its best to address these issues as soon as possible, as waiting can alter the integrity of the tooth as well as leave your smile susceptible to decay. Patients can undergo bonding or crown placement as a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Staying prepared for a dental emergency improves a patient’s chance for completely restoring their oral health. Keep a tooth-preservation kit with your first aid items to ensure you’re always prepared in case of a knocked out tooth. Typical first aid items, like gauze or petroleum jelly, are also essential and can greatly improve an individual’s chances of restoring the smile back to full functionality.

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Our team is dedicated to helping patients restore their dental health. Call our practice at 708-599-3333 if you or a loved one require immediate dental care.


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