Dental Assistants in Burbank, IL

The dental assistants in our office are exceptionally talented in providing czarist support for all of the procedures that the doctors provide. Each has to be ready to provide whatever the doctor or the patient needs at split-second notice. While the dentist is focused on the job at hand, his assistant is closely monitoring the status of the patient while at the same time providing to the needs of the doctor - it's a very intense, demanding position.

Behind the scenes, the dental assistants are cleaning and setting up the treatment rooms, providing medications for the patients, taking and developing x-rays, arranging laboratory work and sterilizing instruments.

These are our dental assistants:

 I've been working as Dr. Kowalik's assistant since 1987. I enjoy helping Dr. Kowalik work on our patients and getting to know them. A lot of the patients are like family after so many years here. Looks like I will be with Dr. Kowalik until he retires or...........

Mary Carol