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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

A set of healthy teeth begins at first maintaining the supporting dental structures of the smile. When teeth are missing or affected by decay, it can cause damage to the bone and surrounding teeth. Dr. Michael Kowalik provides oral surgical options for patients requiring mild to moderate intervention.

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Complications or abnormalities of the jaw can cause issues with overall dental health, such as accelerated resorption or wear on teeth. Corrective oral surgery can help improve a patients' oral health by either bolstering jawbone or removing teeth severely affected by decay. Maintaining a healthy jaw bone encourages longer-lasting dental enhancements and improvements.

A variety of reasons can warrant oral surgery. If you are considering dental implants, need an extraction, or required advanced periodontal maintenance to achieve both an ideal health and esthetic, oral surgery can often provide the solution to these related issues. Oral surgical options we provide include:

Bone Grafting may be necessary to preserve jaw health following an extraction or bolster the bone to prepare for an implant. Bone grafting allows patients who would otherwise fall short of bone density or volume to be eligible for implants.

Dental implant placement provides restorations with an anchoring device to secure prosthetics in place. Implant posts also help to preserve the jawbone and improve overall oral health

Extraction is necessary to remove a tooth impacted, preventing eruption, or teeth that have been badly damaged by decay.

Gingival flap surgery may be necessary to address advanced cases of periodontal disease. This procedure eliminates tartar buildup around tooth roots.

Debridement is more advanced than a cleaning but is a less-invasive measure of removing tartar buildup from teeth than gingival flap surgery. This treatment aids in keeping the oral ecosystem in good-standing health.

In order to maintain a long-lasting smile, both soft and hard tissues of the mouth must be in good health. This may involve intervention to preserve and improve the jaw bone, an essential component in supporting teeth. For patients needing treatment with restoring the structures of the smile, we refer out to a local maxillofacial surgical specialist.

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Dr. Michael Kowalik and his team are comprehensive in their dental care and walk patients through exploring their options for oral surgery. Call our practice in Burbank, CA, and schedule a consultation today!